My Wish List- Vitamix

Throughout life, we all seem to have a constant wish-list that is either growing or shifting, depending on the chapter of life we are in. As a child my wish-list was filled with dolls, barbies, and new dance shoes; as a high school and college student my list was filled with the “It” jeans, the “It” bag, and clothes, clothes and more clothes.

Once I graduated from college or got married, the priorities in my wish-list made a dramatic shift. Now, I get excited over the thought of a new appliance, curtains and furniture.

Currently my biggest item on my wish-list is this lovely Vitamix.

Vitamix 5200

I have been on a green smoothie kick lately and our basic blender is proving to be quite frustrating when trying to make smoothies at 6:00 AM. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get a smooth blended drink and the amount of noise it makes, causes for a rough start to such an early morning.

So, while I have been hearing folks rave about incredible a Vitamix is; the $450 price tag is just too steep for our budget. Thankfully a friend recently told me that she bought a reconditioned Vitamix. I had no idea that Vitamix offered reconditioned blenders for a more affordable option. They come with 5 year warranty which is still great, compared to the 7 year warranty a brand new blender comes with. $350 is still a lot of money to spend on a blender, so it is currently on my wish list and I think I finally have the hubs in on saving to make this, well-worth-it purchase happen!

-Maci K