Target – A Little Piece of Heaven

Target is a little piece of heaven… And all the ladies said “Amen”!

We all know how ridiculous the Target obsession is but at the same time it’s what keeps us half sane. Yes of course I am exaggerating just a bit but Target provides a little escape from the mundane. I’m sure many of us can remember when our love for Target first began.

I have specific memories from high school, of my mom and I making Target runs. We would “row-to-row it” as we called it. We would make our way to Target because we were out of hair spray and body wash, yet we would browse each isle, even the gum isle (I know, random, but true), turning a 10 minute trip into a whole day event. Walking through Target was about so much more than just looking at all of the cosmetics, home decor and clothes. It was time to download on all the happenings of my high school life, while connecting as we gushed over how cute the items we stumbled upon were.

I then graduated high school, went off to college and the same types of Target trips continued with my roommates and friends. I specifically remember my Freshman year, we practically lived there! We would go to Target for no reason what-so-ever just to browse the isles and see what we would wind up with. I wish I would have kept notes of the odds and ends we picked up over the years. Again there was more to our Target trips than spending unnecessary money; it was a way to feel comfort when we were homesick.

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Now as a mom-to-be, the Target experience has a whole new ritual to it. Once I walk through the doors I know, I won’t make the whole trip without my bladder almost bursting, so my first stop is the ladies room (I know, TMI but this is my reality). Next I grab my cart and my iced tea from the Target Starbucks and make my way through at least a few departments, if not the whole store. In this particular season of life, my Target trips are an escape from the heat, time to daydream about Charlotte, and a way to continue to feed my need to nest.

I know there will come a day, in the not so distant future, when I will be anxious to make it out of the house for a Target trip alone; but for now, I look forward take Charlotte on a Target trip for one of her first outings.


Be Kind To Yourself

If you are a Pinterest user like myself, I am sure you have seen the quote by Plato pass through your feed, “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

It’s a powerful statement, one I try to constantly remind myself of. Whether I am in line at the grocery store, annoyed by the slow clerk or when I quickly jump to judge another person. I want to give folks the benefit of the doubt; because I have no idea the life they have experienced that has lead them to this particular moment in time. While I am working so hard on treating others well, there is one person I always forget to be kind to… It’s me!


I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly hard on myself. Trust me I wish it weren’t so. But daily, I am critical of my body, my life, my work, the list could go on and on. During this pregnancy I have found myself being extremely critical each time I step on the scale, or frustrated when I look in the mirror and see new curves. While I do love being pregnant and love that I finally have a tangible bump, I find myself instinctively going to the negatives first, instead of allowing myself to celebrate the miracle that is occurring in my body.

When I am alone with just me and my thoughts I can be one mean girl to me! The things I say to myself would make me feel terrible if I ever said that to anyone else. If I were to simply say those thoughts out loud I would be able to hear the lies behind these thoughts.

For years I have relied on the excuse that “I am just a perfectionist, it’s what I do”, but I am tired of hiding behind this, and simply accepting that this is a part of life as a woman. Instead I want to be kind to myself, look in the mirror and appreciate these uncontrollable changes to my body and realize they are only temporary. I must make the choice to take care of this miracle growing inside me and allow myself to feel empowered and inspired by it.

Gosh, I just need to give myself a break. Much easier said then done but I want to experience for myself the grace I extend towards others. I believe when I am able to be kind to myself and love myself (new hips and all), I will be able to love others more genuinely.

The Thief of Joy


Recently my sister-in-law was in town visiting from Colorado and as were gabbing away, getting caught due to a long separation since Christmas; our conversation lead to talking about social media and how destructive it can be for the soul. zee were talking about out struggle with checking it too frequently and how frustrated we can become with the fasade one can create through social media. These pictures of perfection that we see may paint a pretty picture, however what they don’t tell about the terrible argument with a spouse that occurred just moments ago or that kids were being especially difficult that day.

Almost simultaneously we both said, “The other day I pinned a saying on Pinterest saying “Comparison is the theif of joy” (I think I had actually had repinned it from her). Anyhow, we couldn’t believe how relevant this quote was with the conversation of social media. It makes me so sad that in one moment I can be overwhelmed by how much I love my husband or how good he is to me; and the just two seconds later I can see a picture or a post of how incredible so and so’s husband is, and so quickly my joy is ripped away from me. In those moments of comparison you can feel so inadequate and it can easily ruin a great mood, moment or even a day.

Over the past few weeks since we had the conversation  I have been referring frequently to this quote.  I have been challenging myself to be aware when I begin to compare my life, my body or my house with others. Since becoming more aware in those moments of comparison, I have found that my confidence is being rebuilt and I am more pleased with my life. I will continue to challenge myself to stop comparing and start enjoying the life that I am blessed to live.