A Sneak Peek

Early on in this pregnancy I learned to never say never. You can’t predict the type of pregnancy you’ll have or the type of pregnant mother you’ll be until you are actually in the midst of experiencing it. I have mentioned before that B and I promised we would not be the parents who re-do the entire house, preparing for the new addition. Yet here we are are constantly rearranging furniture, considering what pieces to keep, sell and replace.

We are just three months away from this girls arrival. In one breath that seems like an eternity but when I look at the calendar and see the showers, bachelorette’s, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays that are crunched into these months to come I quickly realize, these three months will pass by in a blink of an eye. All that to say it is time to get serious about nesting.

I wish I were exaggerating when I say I will be going though literally every single closet, drawer, cabinet, and storage container to ensure every item has the most ideal home. But sadly this is no exaggeration. I am now (somewhat embarrassingly) that crazy pregnant lady I said I would never be. To help focus my hyperactive pregnancy brain I created a bit of a inspiration board with items I have already purchased for Charlotte’s room and pieces I would like to add to her room.


1. Ikea shear curtains – These are curtains we already had in the guest room. When I found these it was a few months before I found out I was pregnant but I bought them with the idea that they would still work for a future nursery. I love the subtle print that adds instant style to any room without being overbearing.

2. Dalmation print crib sheet. Just received this in the mail! A bit more exciting than the plain white crib sheet I naturally was drawn to.

3. Coral and gold heart pillow – I have been keeping my eye out for a coral/salmon colored pillow that would be that pop, making it clear that this neutral room is for a little girl. It has been more difficult than I thought it would be to find that perfect pop but I think this could be it!

4. Round captain’s mirror – I am so sad, this mirror is currently not available online or in stores at target, yet my heart is set on it. I am keeping my eyes open for a similar mirror just in case this one gets discontinued.

5. Round storage basket – I have no particular basket in mind but between Target and Homegoods I am sure I will have no problem finding the perfect basket.

6. The most adorable animal prints – Not only do I love these little animal mug shots but it has been one item in the nursery B has insisted we must make happen despite their price tag.

7. Monogram letter – I had pinned this C and just a few days after, while my mom, sister and I were browsing through Homegoods, my mom found a C almost identical to the one I had pinned. It is one of those small touches that really can help make a room.

8. Gold Giraffe – I am keeping my eye out for any adorable gold accents similar to this gold giraffe. I seem to have thing for giraffes and B is often drawn to monkeys.

9. Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – I had been eyeing this crib on Amazon for a while but could not justify the $400 price tag. I finaly decided I would just take a look on craigslist for any solid perfect find crib. Sure enough after days of stalking craigslist We found this crib for $60. After a fresh coat of paint and stain and it’s good as new.

10. Ikea 3 drawer chest – I originally feel in love with the Hemnes 8-drawer chest from ikea but our little house simply does not have the space for such a large piece. I thought I would be settling but when we went to ikea and saw this 3-drawer chest I no longer felt like I was settling. It is surprisingly larger in person and a great piece that will not only look nice but have plenty of space to store all of the clothing and changing necessities.

11. Neutral stuffed giraffe – Because who doesn’t love an adorable stuffed animal or two.

12. Guest bedding – Having a small two bedroom, two bath house I wanted to avoid loosing our guest bed if at all possible. Once I found the perfect placement in Charlotte’s room for both the crib and the bed and realized we truly could keep both I decided there is no sense in having to buy a new duvet and blankets to match the nursery decor, rather, the nursery decor will have to coordinate with the current guest bed decor. We currently use these two duvets from Ikea on the guest bed (BJÖRNLOKA and BJÖRNLOKA RUTA). All that is left is to add a touch of gold possibly in the form of a gold polka dot pillow to add a touch of youthfulness to the bed.


Prenatal Nesting

My nesting instinct kicked in the moment we found out we were pregnant. I began organizing and cleaning out drawers, closets, everything, like a mad woman. Then, the first trimester exhaustion kicked in…. Come to find out, pregnancy exhaustion is no joke! As time slowly passed, I felt as though I was at a stand still, waiting to find out the sex of this little babe.

B and I have always said that we would not be the people to re-do the house in preparation for the baby. Of course now, as we are walking through this pregnancy we have found ourselves, quickly taking back those words because simply, there are things we want to do to make to our little home baby friendly. One of the first items we talked about updating was our living room rug. Our previous rug was a great neutral rug that we got from Ikea when we first moved in. However, when we began imaging spending time playing on the floor with the babe, the old rug was everything but inviting.

So while I was feeling restless and desperately needing to fulfill my need to nest I stumbled upon Rugs USA. It was a bit overwhelming browsing through thousands of rugs, but I finally found a great rug. It was a bit of a risk not being able to see or touch the rug in person but at 60% off I was more than willing to take the risk. Turns out, it was totally worth it! The rug is soft, large enough to increase the use of the living space and will hide stains much better than the old rug.


Now we must do what we can to prevent Jack the Cat from snagging the heck out of the rug. There are more updates to this room to come but like all things, in due time, in due time.