40 Weeks!


40 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Anything that takes little effort and allows me to be comfortable.

Sleep: Fairly restless. Between the back pain from being in one position to long to small contractions here and there and thoughts racing through my mind, sleep is a little rough.

Best moment this week: Our best moment was also our worst moment this week. Had a bit of a false alarm and while it was pretty disheartening to realize it wasn’t the real deal I loved getting to be hooked up to the monitors and see that stats on our girl. It was also neat see the contraction monitoring to really understand what was a contraction. It was great to get a test run through the hospital.

Miss anything? Still trying to stay present. As much as I want to say I miss my old body I know I will miss this belly in some ways so I am embracing the big belly.

Movement: While we were at the hospital and I was hooked up to the monitors this girl refused to stop moving. She really never stops.

Food Cravings: The usual… anything sweet!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only if I over eat or eat poorly do I feel sick.

Have you started to show yet? Yes

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: Light contractions but nothing strong enough or consistent enough.

Symptoms: Back/hip pain and swelling.

Belly Button In or Out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On but a bit more snug.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I was still saying I am happy most of the time but I had some pretty grumpy moments/hours/days this week so I guess I must be honest. I am pretty moody these days. It is frustrating to be so ready and prepared to have this baby yet we must be patient and continue to wait until she is ready to come. I honestly posted this 40 week post later than normal because I really just had a hard time accepting that I have really made it to the later of my two due dates.

Looking forward to: Finally having this baby girl. Waiting for her over the last 2 weeks has been one of the hardest things I have endured. I think there is something for me to definitely learn from this process.


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